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Who is On-Line Safari Tours?

South African Photography Professionals


We are Norman and Karen Dean. We have a love of photography, a love of South Africa, and a passion for wild animals. Our safaris are enjoyed by photographers of all levels and abilities, from the rank beginner who wants to get their camera off AUTO and into Manual, to the fully experienced photographer who wants to photograph beautiful animals in their natural habitat. But wait … our audience is not just photographers!!


Our safaris offer a magical experience to anyone who wants to appreciate the spectacular landscapes and incredible wildlife of Africa! On-line Safari tours offer a unique travel experience, to visit some of the Africa’s most unique places, and enjoy amazing experiences in small groups. We provide private access into many places, including the Klaserie, part of the Greater Kruger Park on the western boundary, which has no fences to impede the movement of the animals. Very secluded, very exclusive!  And what about our safari guides who are the best in the business! Our main guide, Shaun, grew up in the African bush and has never wavered in his love and passion for it. Having guided safaris in Kruger for more than 13 years, Kruger Park has become his home, and his knowledge of the area is second to none. Indeed, previous client reviews of Shaun include “Shaun’s overwhelming passion for Kruger Park sets him apart from the other operators” and “Shaun was incredibly knowledgeable, accommodating and wonderful with our group”.

While on your safari tour you won’t waste time relaxing by the pool, or sitting in the bar hour after hour. We make the most of the time that we have seeing and doing as much as possible while we are in incredible locations. We want to give you the most amazing experience possible so that you are talking about it for years to come. For us it is important that we spend maximum time out on safari, spotting animals in their environment. However we also want to meet the locals, eat their food, and experience their culture, all the while enjoying the best Africa has to offer. Our days therefore comprise safari adventures, with the evenings spent sitting round a roaring camp fire talking about our fantastic wildlife sightings and experiences.   In terms of dining, we enjoy beautifully prepared meals at the many Lodge restaurants, or exquisite meals prepared by our own private chef who travels with us. Of course, this is all coupled with exceptional accommodation which includes incredible private luxury lodges in the secluded private reserve in Kruger.  While on safari we never subscribe to the ‘tick and flick’ experience which is driving around until you see an animal in the distance, taking a photo, ticking it off the list and moving on.


With On-line Safari Tours we want you to enjoy and savour the experience of these magnificent animals, so once we spot an animal we do whatever we can responsibly to get as close as possible, without disturbing it and where local rules allow. We want to allow you the time to take beautiful and unique photos of these incredible moments, so we will stop and get that first couple of shots, then where local rules permit we will try and get closer, move to the best side so the light is right, then we will just sit and wait for the right head movement, and simply enjoy being in the presence of these beautiful creatures.   Come and experience the magic for yourself! Picture yourself here …